Wondering what to pack for this year’s meeting? Here is everything you need to know about the SMM Dress Code.

  • Monday Night Reception: Smart Casual
  • Tuesday Sessions: Business Casual
  • Tuesday Night Awards Dinner: Business Formal
  • Wednesday Sessions: Business Casual
  • Wednesday Night Reception: Smart Casual

Remember to dress for the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is smart casual? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code.” For the tops consider oxfords, blouses, polo shirts, or neatly fitting t-shirts. Add a layer with a sport coat, blazer, cardigan or light jacket. For bottoms consider dark denim, chinos, or joggers.

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What is business formal?  Business formal attire is an upgrade from your normal day-to-day professional outfits. Wear a dark colored suit jacket over a dress shirt with a tie. Dress shoes and matching dark pants complete the outfit. Formal business attire for women is a suit jacket with a skirt, dress pants or professional dress.

Are ties necessary for the meeting during the day? No, ties.